Crepes Menu

( only for Catering )

Food truck menu is different


PETIT DEJEUNER: ham & mozzarella (add an egg)

DEJEUNER AMERICAIN: morning sausage, scrambled egg, cheddar cheese


GRECQUE: fresh spinash, cucumber, tomato & feta cheese


CAMPAGNARDE: mozzarella cheese, bacon bits, mushroom in cream sauce


FLORENTINE: mozzarella cheese, cream, fresh spinach


FORESTIÈRE: mozzarella cheese, chicken and mushroom in cream sauce


PROVENÇAL: mozzarella cheese, home made ratatouille & pesto


BERGÈRE: mozzarella cheese, goat cheese, honey & roasted almond


NAPA VALLEY: mozzarella cheese & red wine beef stew (boeuf bourguignon)


PARISIENNE: mozzarella, swiss cheese & ham 




SUZETTE: butter, lemon & sugar


S'MORES: nutella & torched marshmallows,


MARRON: chestnut cream & whipped cream


CHOCO-FRUIT: fresh strawberries or banana & chocolate ganache


NUTELLA: strawberries or banana & nutella


FRENCH KISS: Cherries in a rich chocolate sauce


CLASSIQUE: just sugar or cinnamon with sugar


BONNE MAMAN: jam & cream cheese


BELLE HELÈNE: poached pear, chocolate sauce & roasted almond


GARIGUETTE: strawberries, sugar & whipped cream


NORMANDE: custard, caramelized apple & whipped cream





Quiche Menu

Quiche Lorraine (cheese & bacon)

Veggie (mushroom & spinach)

Jamon y mozzarella

Quiche Forestiere (chicken & mushroom  in cream sauce with mozzarella)


Petit Four Platters

To sweeten the palate we make the beautiful and delicious bite size pastries.


Mini Eclairs: puff pastry stuff with chocolate custard topped chocolate ganache

Fruit tarte: tart shell with vanilla custard and berries (strawberry, raspberry or blackberry), or mandarin

 topped with glaze and powder sugar

Citron tarte: lemon custard in a tart shell topped with glaze and lemon zest.

Choux: Puff pastry stuffed with vanilla custard and topped with sugar powder.

Salombo: puff pastry stuff with vanilla custard covered with caramel.




Pricing below is for each piece, minimum order of 100

(gas fee will be added to your order)


1 to 199 $2.00 x piece

200 +     $1.50 x piece




French Corner Napa Crepes and Catering Services.